UPSLP International Marketing Degree Students Inaugurate the XVI International Marketing Forum: YAMEVU

As part of the academic extracurricular activities for eighth semester students from the International Marketing degree program, the inauguration of the “XVI International Marketing Forum: YAMEVU” was held, which took place from April 27th to 29th. Attendees were able to participate in presentations and workshops, both virtual and face-to-face, complying with the relevant sanitary measures.

The name of this edition of the XVI International Marketing Forum comes from the word “Jamais Vu”, which in French means “Never seen”. In this sense, it seeks to provide the opportunity to experience the Forum as if it were the first time and allow attendees to leave with lessons that will contribute to their professional and personal life projects.

This edition aims to reflect all the areas of specialty of marketing, such as to know the job market in which they can work as well as to share with the students the professional experience of experts in regard to the analysis and resolution of new problems, and the learning of various existing tools for entrepreneurship.

The Forum included the participation of experts speakers in various areas such as: Najla Hernández, with the conference “Customer Centricity”; Paty Barroso, who gave the conference “Fashion Marketing”; Kary Tips with “The Art of Creating Viral Content”; Paco Benítez with his presentation “Differentiate Yourself in a Hyper Competitive World”; Uzziel Favela with “The Magic Behind the Curtain”; Steve Navarro with the presentation “Your Strategy”; and Fredo with the conference “How to Initiate and not Fail”.

In addition, among the workshops were: Josué Producciones with the workshop “Create, Transmit and Connect from the Palm of your Hand”; Daniela Silva with MKT B2B “Industry Also Needs an Innovative Way of Doing Marketing”; Fernando Rodríguez, from the Chulegrafía Agency, with “Production and Digital Marketing”; and José María Martínez Chávez, with “How to Live Pursuing Your Passion (and not die in the attempt)”, among others.

It should be noted that the organizing committee of this edition was made up of eighteen students from the eighth semester of Department of International Marketing, who actively collaborated. They are Aldo López, Mauricio Pérez, Noisuli Rivera, Cecilia Trujillo, Karina Navarro, Alexis Hernández, Juan de Dios Castillo, Erandi Contreras, Jennifer Lozano, Debanhi Loera, Marta Luna, Diana Reyna, Addis Quintero, Paola Rangel, Nancy Perfecto, Roberto Nájera, Arely Aradillas and Citlali Salas.

The Polytechnic University of San Luis Potosí wishes you the greatest success in this important academic event that contributes to the professional training of the university community!!


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