UPSLP students Held the Eighteenth Week of Administration and Management

On May 5th and 6th, students from the eighth semester of the Bachelor’s Degree in Administration and Management at the Polytechnic University of San Luis Potosí (UPSLP) carried out with great success the “The 18th Annual Week of Administration and Management: The New Generation of Business”, in virtual mode, with more than 500 attendees. This year’s event was carried out within the framework of six thematic axes: The art of making money; The new era of e-marketing; The golden circle; Cultural wealth equals intellectual wealth; how you see yourself in relation to what you want and Soft Skills, the key factor for your success.

The Administration and Management Week is an event made up of a series of activities and conferences given by renowned speakers at the local, national and international level. Its objective is to provide new knowledge and tools related to specialized topics in administration and today’s society, which complement the professional and personal training of the attendees. For the third consecutive year, it was presented in virtual mode, continuing to strengthen its adaptation to the different needs and demands of the environment.

The opening ceremony was attended by Dr. Francisco Rafael Rostro Contreras, Academic Vice-Rector, representing Francisco Javier Delgado Rojas, Rector of the UPSLP; Igor León O’Farrill, Director of Administration and Finance; Martha Alicia Alonso Castañón, Coordinator of the Administration and Management program; Gloria Cristina Palos Cerda, full-time faculty from the program and advisor of the Administration and Management Week; and Aletia Guadalupe Castillo Olvera, President of the 18th Annual Administration and Management Week.

Martha Alicia Alonso Castañón pointed out that a Bachelor of Administration and Management is an agent of change, which takes advantage of the uncertain conditions of the environment and turns them into opportunities through resolving conflicts, overcoming obstacles, and recognizing the talent of employees and contributing to their professional growth. All this helps employees differentiate themselves and succeed in the personal and professional environment. She recognized the effort of the students and the support of the teachers for the realization of this important event year after year, and she mentioned that it contributes to strengthening the knowledge and learning experiences of the student community.

For his part, Dr. Francisco Rafael Rostro Contreras congratulated the 18th Class from the Administration and Management degree program for the vision they had in the design and concept of the Administration and Management Week because they addressed issues of great importance in the training and profile of alumni, such as sustainability, multiculturalism, negotiation and basic skills, the latter being essential skills for personal and professional development. Finally, he thanked the speakers, sponsors, and attendees for being part of this event.

The 18th Annual Week of Administration and Management included outstanding speakers in areas of specialty that allowed attendees to gain a perspective of professional development. The speakers were: Andreas Lehmann, head of the paint plant planning department at the BMW company in San Luis Potosí; Takeshi Tominaga, co-founder of Botanas Campesinas, a Potosina snack and beverage company focused on the local market; Cordelia Ruiz, image consultant for the past 5 years ago and owner of the blog formerly called “September Me”; Diego Tinajero, results-oriented accountant currently working at La Bralette; Karen Tinajero, director and founder of La Bralette Bloom Your Beauty; and Rodrigo Echávez, social media content creator since 2016.

The Polytechnic University of San Luis Potosí congratulates the students from the eighth semester from the Administration and Management degree program on the success of the 18th Annual Week of Administration and Management!!


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