The Computer Crime Unit of the UPSLP Strengthens the Professional Development of Information Technology Students

In 2017, the Computer Crime Unit (CCU) of the Polytechnic University of San Luis Potosí (UPSLP) was formed with the purpose of training specialists in Cybersecurity, which are highly demanded in the labor market. Its objective is to strengthen the degree of specialization of the students from the Departments of Engineering in Information Technology (ITI), and Engineering in Telematics – Networks and Telecommunications – (ITEM), in three important areas of IT knowledge: forensic computing, analysis and technological development in cybersecurity, and cyberprevention.

To date, four generations of specialists have been trained and, in September of this year, the training of the 5th generation began, in which 16 students are participating. The training consists of three stages, which take place in the fall 2022 and spring 2023 semesters. In the first stage, students work on preparing for certification in Cybersecurity, through Certiport, in the courses of the CISCO NetAcad platform: Introduction to Cybersecurity, Networking Basics, EndPoint Security, Network Defense and Cyber Threat Management. In the second stage, they are prepared through the complementary courses: Basic Linux and Python Programming. Finally, in the third stage, they specialize in the following areas: Ethical Hacking, Forensics Computing, OSINT, Reverse Engineering, Web Vulnerabilities and Cryptography.

In addition, the CCU strengthens the learning and experiences of students through their participation in national ethical hacking tournaments, such as HackMex 2022 organized by the National Polytechnic Institute. In 2019, UPSLP students were in the top ten, managing to advance to the final round, while, in 2020, they came in 10th overall. This year they managed to advance to the final round. It is worth mentioning that in the last competition 8 departments and schools of the IPN and UNAM participated as well as a team from the Autonomous University of Zacatecas.

Currently, a member from the first generation of students to train at the CCU and a graduate of the UPSLP collaborates with the Cyber Police of the Secretariat of Security and Citizen Protection of the City Council of San Luis Potosí. At UPSLP, the CCU is headed up by Rafael Llamas Contreras, a full-time professor in the Department of Engineering in Information Technology.

The Polytechnic University of San Luis Potosí, through the Computer Crime Unit, reaffirms its commitment to the specialized training of our students that, without a doubt, will impact and benefit society!


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