UPSLP Department of International Marketing Recognizes 2022 Sales Force Fest Winners

On Friday, December 9th, the Department of International Marketing (LMI) of the Polytechnic University of San Luis Potosí (UPSLP) held the award ceremony for the winning teams of the Sales Force Fest 2022 in the presence of Francisco Javier Delgado Rojas, Rector of the UPSLP; Dr. Francisco Rafael Rostro Contreras, Academic Vice-Rector; Xóchitl Hernández Velázquez, Head of the Department; as well as faculty from the Sales Microacademy of this department.

The Sales Force Fest is part of the academic activities carried out by the third semester students from the Department of International Marketing, in which they develop a micro enterprise. The aim of the activity is to give students hands-on experience, allowing them to develop skills and competencies in business, such as negotiation, teamwork, results orientation, planning, scenario design, competition monitoring, resource management, among many others. The 11th annual event was held on November 11th with the theme “Children’s Stories Adapted to Cinema”. In all, there were 164 student participants divided into 14 teams.

During the awards ceremony, the work and effort of all participating students and teams was recognized, and the winners were announced in three categories. The first category was sales volume, with the first place going to the Du-Dumbé team, who sold 2,073 cakes; second place, Tortaland, with a sale of 1,810 cakes, and third place, Under the Sea, who sold 1,726 cakes. The second category was for generated profit. The winners were: first place, Tortaland; second place, Tortaline and third place, The Shrek Cakes. Finally, the third category was for the Best Stand, for which a vote was held in which just over 10,312 people attending the event participated, obtaining the following results: the first place went to Las Tortas del Shrek; second place to Twelve O’ Torts; and third place went to Du-Dumbé. Likewise, a special mention was made for Graciela América Galarza Medina, leader of the Du-Dumbé team, for her leadership, motivation and integration skills, which were instrumental in the team’s winning performance.

It should be noted that, for this event, there were two applications for the promotion, sale of product and visibility of more than 120 sponsors, highlighting as the main supplier of beverages, Cooperative Pascual. These applications were developed by the student from the Department of Engineering in Information Technologies, Víctor Hugo Jiménez Coronado.

The Polytechnic University of San Luis Potosí congratulates the third semester students from the Department of International Marketing on the excellent work done at Sales Force Fest 2022!


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