Polytechnic University of San Luis Potosí will primarily provide attention via email. Below are the email addresses for the different areas of the university.

Office of the Rector

Office of the Vice Rector

Department of Administration and Finance

Student Services

Communication and Marketing- Educational Programs

Student Engagement

Extension Office

Department of Telematic Engineering- Networks and Telecommunications (ITEM)

Department of Information Technology Engineering (ITI)

Department of Manufacturing Technology Engineering (ITMA)

Department of Industrial Systems and Technology Engineering (ISTI)

Department of Business Studies (LAG)

Department of International Marketing (LMI)

Department of Mathematics

Department of Science

Department of English

Department of General Studies

Information and Documentation Center (CID)

English Language Self-Access Center (CADI)

MOS Certification Center

CISCO Academy

Center for New Technologies (CNT)

Integrated Center for Marketing and Audiovisual Media (CIMMA)

Office of Faculty Support

Office of Scholarships

Institutional Tutoring Center

Psychopedagogy Department

Office of Institutional Quality

Office of Health Services

Athletics Department

Office of Social Responsibility

Office of IT Services

Office of Human Resources

Office of Material Resources

Office of Purchasing

Office of Finance

Office of Legal Affairs

Complaints and Suggestions