Admissions Exam

The following are exams that make up the admissions process of the Polytechnic University of San Luis Potosi:

University-Created Exams:

  • Mathematics
  • Science-Physics (only for prospective students interested in engineering)
  • Psychometric

The exam date will be assigned to each student during their admissions process (May 27th, 2023).

Doubts about university-created exams should be directed to:

Admissions Exams EXANI-II CENEVAL

Prospective students should take the university-created exams as well as the admissions exam EXANI-II CENEVAL to complete the 2023 admissions process.

The areas to be included are:

  • Basic operations with whole and rational numbers in solving problems
  • Basic operations of algebra, polynomials and special products, factorization, rational expressions and functions, algebraic theory.
  •  Graphing and functions, Cartesians system of coordinates, angles and measurement, trigonometric functions, inverse functions of general angles.
  •  Law of sine and cosine, trigonometric identities, double angle and angle average.
  •  Logarithms and exponential functions (applications)
  • Equation of a line and conic section.

The areas to be included are:

  • Mechanics (kinematics, dynamics, and energy).
  • Electricity and magnetism
  • Thermodynamics

This is an assessment that identifies your abilities:

  • Verbal .
  • Numeric .
  • Abstract Thinking

The National Admissions Exam for Higher Education (EXANI-II) is an instrument to evaluate holistically academic abilities and knowledge required of prospective students for higher education. The new EXANI-II is given in one session with a maximum duration of 4.5 hours and it is made up of 168 multiple choice questions, each with three answer choices.

It is made up of the following parts:

  • Mathematical thinking
  • Indirect narration
  • Reading comprehension
  • Two modules of subject-specific knowledge for degree programs in Administration (Probability and Statistics) and for Engineering (Physics, Probability and Statistics).
  • A Diagnostic Module that does not make up part of the official evaluation and that informs UPSLP about the level of English.

It is recommended that you consult the new EXANI-II guide:


               * Reading Comprehension

              * Indirect narration

              * Mathematical thinking


Specific modules for Bachelor’s degrees:


Specific modules for Engineering:






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